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Book "Thanks Mauro!" to the King of hillclimbs Mauro Nesti

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Book dedicated to the King of hillclimbs Mauro Nesti and written by Gianni Tomazzoni and published in 2016; is a 220-page book with over 230 photos of the European Hillclimbing Champion
Seventeen times Absolute Italian Champion and nine times Absolute European Champion: a myth. Mauro Nesti in his long career as a racing driver won everything that could be won in the uphill races, and this biography is a tribute to a great man.
The author talks about Mauro Nesti and also tells about the man, as well as the pilot, with about twenty testimonies of friends, mechanics and pilots of the life of the champion and also some hidden aspects of his existence.

Author: Gianni Tomazzoni
Year of publication 2016
Text in Italian
Rigid cover type
Number of Pages 220
Photo number 230
Format: 30x25 cm

"If you read these lines it means that I lost the most demanding race of my life.
I want to greet all my fans and friends thanking them for the affection they have always shown me "
(Mauro Nesti)

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